April 14,, 2018  9 am – 3:45 pm

Parkersburg First Church of the Nazarene
1810 19th St.
Parkersburg, WV

Cost: $15 at the door
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9:00 a.m. Check-In
9:15 a.m. General Session (Tim Craft)
10:30-11:25. Workshops
11:35-12:30 Lunch BREAK Discussion
12:45-1:35 Roundtable Discussion for Adults & Students with Tim Craft
1:45-2:40 Workshops
2:50-3:45 Workshops

 General Session with Tim Craft “Being Renewed”



Presenter:  Tracy Tynan from Westbrook Health Services  (Adults)

 Title:  Suicide Awareness : This workshop will guide you in the myths about suicide and help you be an advocate for someone who is struggling you may not be aware of. 

 Presenter: Chris Riggs (Adult)

 Title:  Ministry Tech Toolbox

Spend an hour being introduced to new technology for your youth group and share some of your great ideas.  Chris Riggs is a veteran youth pastor who loves technology and its integration into ministry.  This seminar will be fun and informative.  This will not be a training session for any one piece of technology but rather an introduction to technology that you might not be aware of.

 Presenter: Rob Fraser (Students)

Title: The church belongs to Jesus. I belong to Jesus. So, now what? “

Come and learn about what you can do to build up and bless the church and what the church needs from you.

 Lunch Break 11:35-12:30 Conversations about Opening Session

 12:45-1:35 Speaker Roundtable with Tim Craft

(Adults & Students) “The Freedom Project”  initiatives to help combat the addiction crisis.

1:45-2:40 WORKSHOPS

 Presenter: Rob Fraser (Adults)

Title: The church belongs to Jesus. I belong to Jesus. So, now what? “

Come and learn about what you can do to build up and bless the church and what the church needs from you

 Presenter:  Paul Neil (Adults)

Title: How to deal with youth group drama

Learn how drama can be used effectively in your youth group.  You can use drama in more ways that the typical Christmas and Easter productions.  Paul Neil is a veteran youth worker who has integrated drama in all of his ministry and has also been involved in community theater most of his life.  Learn how you can apply simple techniques in your youth group to encourage the creative side of your students.

 Presenter: Craig Moore (Students)

Title: Relationships

Do I really need a best friend when my Snapscore is so high and I have tons of followers on Instagram? Is it possible to make a real romantic connection via the Internet? And why should I talk to someone face to face when I can just text? On one level, these are questions students ponder. But on a deeper level, there’s a longing for more, for the deep, dynamic, rich relationship for which God created us. Yet in this era of technology and “followers,” teens don’t know where to look for nor how to cultivate such relationships. This presentation is about rediscovering the deep need we all have to know and be known and to experience the kind of authentic intimacy for which we were created.

2:50-3:45 P.M. WORKSHOPS

Presenter: Bennett Briles  (Adult)

Title:  Over Fed yet Starving

 We will be recognizing the malnourished souls of our young people and finding that what they hunger for most may not be on their menu.  A discussion on what young people are really needing from the Church that cannot be found anywhere else.

Presenter:  Craig Moore (Students)

Title: Leadership

Leadership is something that everyone does or experiences every single day. Christians all over the United States will tell you that as Christians we are called to be leaders. Many churches even lead seminars on what it means to be a Godly leader. And for students, in a world with faster and more constant streams of communication it is easier to lead than ever before. It should lead students to consider, how can I keep God’s mandate to cultivate and protect the Earth and the people in it today?